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Google Page Optimization and Management


Google Page Optimization and Management

What Every Local Business Should Know Now That Google has launched Google My Business has Replaced Google Places. The Internet never stays the same. It is constantly evolving, changing and adapting. The same can be said of search engine giant, Google.Have you noticed that your Google Places page looks different yet? If not, spend a few minutes looking at the changes. In its latest attempt to catch up with social media rival Facebook, Google has made some new changes converting Places pages into Google+ Local pages.This is a move toward integrating its search engine, social networking, maps and business directory features.
With one listing, your business can now be found across Google search, maps, mobile and Google+, and your customers can easily recommend your business to their friends, or tell the world about it with a review.

So it is Goodbye Google Places and hello Google Plus Local pages. If your business has a Google Places page then there is no need to worry. Google has already integrated all existing Google Places into the new Google Plus Local layout. You can still access these pages through regular Google search or maps, but that information is now available on a new tab within Google+ called ‘Local’ which is in the sidebar of Google+.This is the home of all your important business information, including address, phone numbers, hours of operation, photos, videos and reviews.

Why Google+ Is Good For YOUR Business

Few brands are as familiar to us as Google. It is now one of the most recognized brand names in the world next to Coca Cola, Microsoft and Apple. The very word Google has even entered into our everyday vocabulary. You never hear anybody say ‘I yahooed’ something or I ‘binged’ something. It is testament to Google’s overall popularity, the fact that ‘to Google’ is a commonly accepted verb. Figures show that around two-thirds of the world’s internet population uses the Google search engine as opposed to other search engines. Despite heavy advertising and a huge advertising budget, Bing has struggled to even make a dent in the search universe and Yahoo, once king of the Internet search, is fading away.

None of this has come around by accident. Google has made the science and art of search into a technology that continues to innovate and is managing to remain relevant despite the rise in popularity as social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Google’s creators don’t provide all of these great search results and tools out of the goodness of their hearts. Google is a well-oiled money making machine and its core product of search produces revenues of over $30 billion a year. For that kind of revenue to continue it needs to constantly evolve its product and services with a host of features and functions that are relevant, mobile and social.

One way that it is doing that is with Google+, the search giants answer to Facebook. This is a new face of social media and Google is relying on Google+ very much. It is the key and core to Google’s web strategy and business. When it was announced almost everyone said “not another social network“. They thought that Google was mad for taking on a beast like Facebook. However, just over 4 year since its launch in June 2011, it has rapidly increased in popularity and has now passed 2.2 billion registered users.

What does this mean for local businesses?

Google+ is a strong social platform that is backed by Google itself. Taking advantage of Google+ enables local businesses to see their social activities get picked up quickly by the search engine.  One of the best way to use Google+ is to share distribute your website content on your Google+. With this you get double impact: Your content appears high on the search results and you reach a big audience through Google communities.  The other  advantage of Google+ is to use it to connect your website to it, it transfers some authority to your website with in turn positively affects your website Search Engine Ranking parameters. For more tips on how you can take advantage of Google+ and other social media platforms to promote your business, please visit our Resources page for free marketing resources.

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